CoDeSys Gateway Server

CoDeSys Gateway Server 3.5

Allows the integration of custom communication drivers into CoDeSys
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3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH

As a stand-alone Win32 application the Gateway Server functions as a data server. This data server is responsible for the communication between the programing system CoDeSys and the PLCs equipped with the runtime system CoDeSys SP.
The CoDeSys Gateway Server essentially has the following tasks:
It offers open interfaces to access the controller data – either via a function API for own program routines or via standardized interfaces such as OPC or DDE for the exchange of data with common SCADA systems.
It allows for remote access to the connected PLC: As the Gateway is accessed via TCP/IP, controllers which communicate with the Gateway via CAN or other field busses can also be remotely accessed via the internet.
Without having to make changes to the Gateway or CoDeSys, new communication drivers to the controller are inserted via a defined, open DLL interface.
The multiplexing functionality of the Gateway manages the simultaneous access of different applications to the controller.

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